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3 Ways To Increase Income Without Raising The Rent

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3 ways to increase income without raising rent

Charge "Cuddles" rent, By that I mean ... PET RENT

Almost 70% of all households in the U.S. own pets. Charge Fido a small fee and you won't be isolating a large population that could become your tenants, and also the same tenants would love to pay for a convenience upgrade like a pet-sitting or dog walking feature.

Extra Space

Here's a win-win. Set up storage units on the property that a tenant can rent at-will. That way they are not violating their lease and any fire codes by over-stuffing their unit with their keepsakes, toy collections, or seven extra coaches they found on Amazon, or whatever they click-bought yesterday.

Offer Upgrades

Make life a little easier? Sold. Occupied. Laundry services, dry-cleaning, UPS Dropbox, Netflix subscriptions, free WiFi... Pick one or invent your own. Small conveniences go a long way to make a tenant's life even smoother.

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