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7 Things You Must Know About Multi-Family Investing

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1. Multi Family Properties Can Protect Your Wealth

You’ve worked hard, you’ve established yourself. Over time, real estate values have consistently proven that they will go up. We feel one of the safest investments you can make is putting your money in real estate. One of the largest benefits of Multi Family real estate is it gives you cash flow while it appreciates.

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2. Your Properties Should Run on Autopilot

When you secure a property, always hire a good quality management company to run it and you can continue to invest in other properties… or enjoy your life in any way you choose. Whether you are traveling the globe or just sitting at home, your management company oversees the day-to-day operations of your investment... delegation is the key to happiness.


3. Emerging Markets Create Faster Appreciation

Institutional investors understand the power of emerging markets. In fact, MIT offers a course specifically surrounding markets that explode with appreciation. Be sure you study this critical element to success.


4. Use “Undervalued” Properties For Quick Gains

Value add properties definitely look less attractive, but that is exactly why they yield a higher return and increase cash flow.

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5. Going Big Can Equal Bigger Returns

Small properties are good for beginning investors. You’ve earned the status you enjoy today. Larger properties will bring you larger returns with less risk, that’s the irony, but you already know this.

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6. Start Where You Are Comfortable

If you are just beginning, get educated, take action, take calculated risks, get the confidence of having your first deal under your belt, and then watch your portfolio grow.

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7. Use a Proven System

You use systems in your day-to-day life and business; it only makes sense that you should use them in your real estate investing, too. Proven systems bring you proven results and get you to your goals faster.

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