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Convince the Broker You're Serious

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Are you a broker or an agent?

If they’re an agent, then ask them for a little information about their broker. An agent reports to a broker so you need to know about them.

What kind of education have you had?

College or professional in-service trainings are good.

What kind of experience have you had?

You want to see experience in the local area as well as in the property type you are seeking.

What professional associations do you belong to?

These could be national or local associations. Check out the various association websites to see if the members follow any stated Ethical Standards.

What local meetings do you attend on a regular basis?

This will give you an idea of where they network. Those networking opportunities might be good for you as well.

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Where are the popular areas in the city and why?

You want to know if the city is investing in certain areas.

What type of properties are you seeing for sale?

You want them to match what you are looking for.

Anyone you know of that’s thinking of selling? Anything coming up on the market?

This will give you an idea of how extensive their network is.

What types of properties does their firm seek out?

Do they match your needs or present new opportunities that you have not considered?

Where are you seeing CAP rates and Cash on Cash Returns?

The higher the better.

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