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Success Is Like Planting Corn

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If you want to be successful in any endeavor, follow the lead of the Mayans. Learn the

laws of success in your “field” whether it’s a cornfield, or the outfield. Then follow

them diligently. Don’t just sit back and wish for success. That’s like waiting to win the

lottery. Enter it if you want to, but never count on it. That’s the chance world

approach. If you live with unearned wealth as you goal in life, you’ll end up with only

dreams in the bank.

How much corn do you think the Mayans would have grown each year if they had

depended on luck to give them a crop? Probably not much, and in those days, the

price of failure was your head, literally. Napoleon said luck was the ability to exploit

accidents. Very few people become successful accidentally. Try to think of one you

know right now. Can’t, huh? That should be no surprise.

You must understand that every success is governed by a set of recognized success

principles, not by chance or luck or the stars that were shining when you were born.

Master the laws that apply to the area you want to succeed in, and you never have to

depend on luck.

Failure Has Laws, Too

Even in failure people are totally predictable. The laws of failure are just as immutable

as the laws of success, and unfortunately, just as powerful. If your goal is failure, you

can discover the laws and follow them to reach that objective. It’s far more likely,

though, that you’re living those laws by default because it’s easier than working

toward success.


Success is a science and an art. Everybody has to develop their own style of attaining

it. You can’t buy it, you can’t inherit it and you can’t steal it. It knows no divine right.

Success is “non transferable.” It can only be acquired by the personal mastery of its

rules by each person individually. And most important of all, it can never be acquired

by wishing and hoping. Wishing and hoping are the currency of fools, and the first

laws of failure.

Success Is Predictable Through Education

Human nature is very complex, but in many ways very predictable. People who let

chance pervade their lives can never make predictions about the most important thing

in their lives—their own future. They just go along and hope for the best, and often

their best is another failure in a long line of failures. Life does not have to be that


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People go to school for years to study medicine so they can be healthy, both physically

and mentally. They study science to find out what makes the world work. They study

history to learn from the mistakes of the past. And some study religion to gain

spiritual health. Is it so difficult, then, to understand that studying success is just like

studying anything else? Having a faculty of coaches who are experts in different niches of real estate is a significant competitive advantage to growing your business.

But people get in a rut. It’s easy to do. There are lots of places where ruts block the

road to success. And if you’re not careful, that rut in front of you can turn into a grave

with openings at each end. Education is the key to avoiding those ruts. With

education, you can learn to be predictable with them. By being predictable with

predictable laws, you will always achieve predictable results. It’s really quite simple.

Think about a brand new compass for a moment. All compasses start with no

predictability. Their needles point in any direction until they are magnetized. When

they’re magnetized they point only to the north. That’s one of those natural laws

we’ve talked about.

Another magnet, or a piece of metal may affect a compass for a few seconds, but the

magnetized needle always returns to face north. People can become magnetized in a

similar way—magnetized by the purpose that they have chosen in life. To be

predictable, you must magnetize your conscience, your brain, and your muscles so

that they constantly revert to the direction of success, no matter the distractions.

When you focus yourself this way and fully support your focus with physical and

spiritual powers, nothing on Earth can stop you from becoming successful.

magnetic power

Magnetic Power

Just imagine what can happen when your life is magnetized by a firm conviction in

what you’re doing. Think how a strong conviction about your goals enhances the

functions of your mind and stimulates all of the other functions of your body. When

you really dedicate your life to its mission, distractions lose their power. Nothing and

no one will have the power to distract you from the north your compass is set on.

But what about those people who have no magnetism? Every little problem causes

their compass needle to spin. Their success, if they have any, is determined by

whoever talked to them in the last five minutes, by whatever they had for breakfast,

or by whichever program they watched on television last night.

Learn The Laws

The power of the laws of success will be lost in your life if you don’t learn which laws

will work for you and then use them accordingly. The golden rule, “do unto others

what you would have them do unto you,” is meaningless if you don’t use it as a

foundation of the laws of success. Your compass will lead you nowhere if you don’t

have the proper direction to begin with.

You must learn all the laws of success—and they are all here in this material. But you

also need to learn the governing laws. If you don’t know that water freezes at 32

degrees, you’re likely to have pipes bursting under your house this winter. Likewise,

even though we keep all the other laws of the universe, we may bring serious

consequences upon ourselves if we do not seek to understand the laws of our own


The most basic of these laws, applicable both in personal development and in business

success, is the law of the harvest. It says that, “as you soweth so also shall you

reap.” All the other laws rest on this single premise. If you keep all the laws of

success and then sow greed, hatred, envy, and dishonestly, you will reap nothing but

the same. It’s as predictable as gravity: If you jump off that chair, you hit the floor;

if you sow misery, you reap misery.

sow success seeds

Learn to Sow Success

The law of the harvest is a lot more than that to a person who seeks success. In

essence, the law says, “If you sow success, you shall reap success.” Now that sounds

silly, doesn’t it? If you already have success to sow, you don’t need to sow something

to reap it. If you had your first million dollars already, you wouldn’t need to do

anything to earn it.

Luckily, we can sow success without actually having it first. You see, when you sow

corn, you don’t sow whole ears, you just sow the seeds. And where do you get the

seeds? From somebody who has already had a successful crop, that’s where.

Success seeds work just like corn, and you’ve got a whole batch of good seeds right in front of you. Sow them to reap your success. That’s your first law of success.

Every law of success is a seed that will sprout until you have a whole field full of it.

Then you can reap your harvest and continue the process, because now—guess what?

You’ve got your own seeds, and you can help others plant their crops, and replant

your own for another yield.

When you’ve helped others to succeed in their lives and

their ambitions, that is when you know you have truly succeeded in your life. Nothing

is more satisfying than that feeling of success.

There is no finer vindication of your

efforts than someone else succeeding with your help using your seeds of success, and

that is what we strive for at RE Mentor.


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