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“The Nibble”

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Webster’s Dictionary would define the word “nibble” as “a small bite”, but to the person buying something, a nibble is a bit different.  To a buyer, a nibble is a conscious or unconscious effort to get the seller to take less, and is usually the last effort to get just a little bit more taken off of the asking price. - Real Estate Club
“The Nibble”
“The Nibble”

The Nibble is a negotiating tactic.

Once you have the deal signed and finalized, if anything surfaces that you weren’t aware of prior to the signing of the contracts, ask the seller for a credit at closing. This information often surfaces after the property inspections, when you receive your Due Diligence verification back.

The most common Nibble

is actually the repair allowance we just spoke of. If there are additional repairs that you were not aware of prior to negotiating the sale of the property, ask the seller for a credit.

the nibble

Other common Nibbles:

Maybe the rents aren’t as high as the seller stated, or perhaps some of the expenses are higher than you were told. Since your offer was based on the information given to you by the seller, you have the right to go back and get a credit for the difference.

Beware, though.

The reason it’s called a Nibble is that you’re asking for small items, one at a time, nibbling away at the deal. If the seller agrees to each, you may end up with quite a bit. You aren’t asking for anything unreasonable. You’re asking for an amount that may be an inconvenience, but not a deal-breaker.

Nibbles are done after the seller is tied to the deal.

The further along you are in the negotiating process before you request these credits, the more likely the seller will agree. The seller already has plans for his proceeds and just wants to close the deal.

the nibble

Don’t get too greedy, though.

If you’ve got a good deal, take care in handling your Nibbles. Don’t lose the war because you wanted to win the battle.

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